Skin Experience: Szczotki prezentują się wspaniale. Skąd wziął się pomysł?
Skin Experience: Sounds a bit mysterious? What source do you mean?

Paulina Matuszewska: One that should be looked for in the Far East. From the very beginning of my activity in the field of cosmetology, I have been interested in a culture reaching China and India. When I was walking the streets of Thailand two decades ago, I noticed wooden hammers, brushes with which women were massaging the body. Today it is popular in Poland, but back then it was quite a surprise. The tradition of dry brushing the body dates back to antiquity. I assume that it is worth reaching for the wisdom of previous generations.

Skin Experience: Dry brushing sounds a little… rough.

Paulina Matuszewska: The effects exceed all expectations. If we use this treatment at home, on an ongoing basis and we are solid in it, we will get a well-groomed, radiant skin that will be prepared for further professional treatments. However, these are not all the benefits. Dry brushing stimulates blood circulation and helps reduce cellulite.

Skin Experience: Sounds like a fairy tale. However, you should start with something. We buy a brush and what's next?

Paulina Matuszewska: We perform the procedure every day. We decide when we will conduct it. We literally need a few minutes. You should remember about the principle of making movements: towards the heart. I honestly admit that I am quite emotionally connected with this product. I hope that my clients will see its advantages, including the quality of the brush itself. I would also like to add that it was produced in Poland. It is completely natural, made of beech wood. Even the packages are made of paper with written instructions.

Skin Experience: It seems like fairly little is needed to achieve beautiful skin.

Paulina Matuszewska: Regularity is important. Dry brushing the body can become a kind of ritual that we will not be able to do without. It works. I experience it the hard way.

Skin Experience: This is the best recommendation. A brush that is the result of several factors. From many years of experience, through conversations with clients, ending with long journeys in search of the perfect product. Made from the heart.

Paulina Matuszewska: I am convinced that I have managed to do it. A brush, or rather brushes, because so far there are two types. I hope it won’t stop there. The first one for the whole body and the second one for the neckline. Both are available in our assortment. I encourage you to adventure, dry brushing and purchase our brushes.