Dry brushing of the body

Dry brushing of the body is a procedure that brings spectacular results. To do it in the right way you need a good quality of brush. The one we offer is made in Poland. Every detail of our brush is made with perfection – the highest quality of beech wood, specially selected natural bristles, packaging that is made of paper and includes a manual. It is a 100% ecological product. It is based on the principle from heart to heart.


Dry brushing was known in ancient China.

Dry brushing of the body is a treatment that dates back to antiquity. It is so effective that the modern world is successfully reaching for the wisdom of many generations of women. Its roots can be found in the Far East. Dry brushing was known in ancient China. It is also used in Hindu Ayurveda. People who practice natural medicine believe that, in addition to its care properties, it contributes to the reduction of energy deposits that affect the quality of life and well-being.


Beautiful, healthy, smooth and young skin.

Asian women have mastered body care to perfection. They perform this procedure from an early age, every day for a few minutes a day. They used to use dry parts of grass and other plants for brushing. Today they use specialized brushes. Just like ours. In this way, they stimulate circulation, reduce cellulite, firm the skin and also remove the toxins from the body. The final effect surpasses all the expectations. Ladies who decide to implement the procedure into the ritual of everyday life enjoy beautiful, healthy, smooth and young skin.


What are the effects of the treatment, where our brush plays the main role?

1. Dry exfoliation of the body removes dead skin cells. As a result, it is smooth and soft, and thus more effectively absorbs the ingredients of skin care creams.

2. The treatment prevents hair growth. This is especially important for people who remove them by laser.

3. Reduces cellulite. Dry brushing removes fat deposits underneath the skin. The skin is taut, soft and delicate.

4. Prevents stretch marks. It stimulates blood circulation and lymph flow. The skin acquires a healthy color and has better blood supply. Regular brushing gives the skin elasticity.

5. Brings an energy boost. The dynamics of the treatment stimulates the whole body and mind to act.

6. Relaxes the muscles and relaxes the body. Give you a feeling of relaxation.

7. Promotes lymphatic drainage. Effectively removes toxins and pathogens. Strengthens the immune system. Reduces the susceptibility to diseases.

8. It brings results in women who gave birth and want to return to their former fit and figure.


How to brush your body?

The treatment should be performed on dry skin. We do not use creams, lotions or body oils. Brushing is done in the direction of the lymph flow. Toward the heart. Strokes can be longer or shorter. Forward and backward movements should be avoided. The treatment begins with the feet towards the heart. The abdomen and chest should be cleaned clockwise. It is worth remembering about the space above the knees. The smaller brush is dedicated to the skin of the face and neckline. The bigger one is for brushing the whole body. The skin should be pink immediately after the treatment.


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